Nikkei Australia members speaking at the

Asian Australian Research Network (AASRN) conference ‘mobilities’ (AAI 5).

26-27 November 2015 at the Immigration Museum, Melbourne.

ARTWORK by Sangeeta Sandrasegar

ARTWORK by Sangeeta Sandrasegar | Title: White Picket fences in the clear light of day cast black lines | Year: 2009 | Type: Installation | Dimensions: D/V Each component 58.2 x 30 x 0.3cm | Medium: Acrylic | Photography: Garry Trinh

*Yuriko Nagata – “Developing a Nikkei Australian identity”

*Andrew Hasegawa – “Setsutaro Hasegawa: Japanese immigrant, Victoria, Australia, 1897-1952”

*Masako Fukui – “Don’t call me Japanese-Australian: Ambiguity and Fracture in Japanese-Australian Communities”

Panel: Japanese Australian identities | Chair: Francis Maravillas


*Tim Steains – “Mobile Histories: Mayu Kanamori’s Yasukichi Murakami”

Panel: Building critical identities | Chair: Kaz Ross


*Mayu Kanamori – “Art, advocacy, and accountability: Yasukichi Murakami – Through a distant lens”

Panel: Creative politics, political creations with Emily Zong and Francis Mravillas | Chair: Owen Leong


*Mayu Kanamori will also participate in a mini panel with Owen Leong and Sangeeta Sandrasegar “The Art and Sociopolitical Contexts of the AAI Posters: AASRN Conferences, 1999-2015” Chaired by Dean Chan


Conference convenors: Dr Tseen Khoo, Dr Dean Chan, Dr Sukhmani Khorana and Professor Jacqueline Lo.

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