Jim McFarlane’s Nikkei Australian family history

By Jim McFarlane: My sister Coral and I come from a Japanese mother and an Australian father who met in Hiroshima during our father’s service in the occupation forces in 1952.

Aoife Wilkinson: Reflecting on the short film Whole and mixed Japanese identities

By Aoife Wilkinson: For my PhD research project, I am investigating the identities and experiences of mixed Japanese youth in Australia.

Setsutaro Hasegawa’s life featured in display at Immigration Museum

The life of Setsutaro Hasegawa, one of the earliest Japanese people to migrate to Australia, is featured in the Voices Across Time exhibition at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne, Victoria.

Hajime Fujimoto and the Fujimoto Family

By Amanda O’Connor: My grandfather is Hajime Fujimoto, ‘Hajima’ on some documents. He was born in Kumamoto Prefecture in the late 1800s.

A Tribute to Dr Pam Oliver (1945 – 2021)

Nikkei Australia members pay tribute to Pam Oliver.

The untold story of Ewar Dicinoski (Togawa Iwakichi)

By Steve Dawson: I took this opportunity to share the untold story of my great-grandfather, Ewar Dicinoski (Togawa Iwakichi), and the origins of the unique Dicinoski clan whose many descendants permeate Queensland and other parts of Australia.


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