Setsutaro Hasegawa’s ‘Certificate of Alien Registration’ 1942. Photo supplied by Andrew Hasegawa

Nikkei Australia is a Partner in Past Wrongs Future Choices international collaborative project. Details of the residencies provided by PWFC Directors below:

Join a vibrant and intensive writing and creative 3-week retreat at the University of Victoria.
The Past Wrongs, Future Choices Spring 2023 Residency Program is a project-based opportunity that will offer three academics and three artists a setting for focused, goal-oriented work, and an opportunity to establish connections with residents from varied backgrounds, disciplines, and places.

The program will run for three weeks in May 2023, with all expenses, including travel, food, and accommodation covered. Artists and scholars in residence can also receive funding for research and material costs related to their projects, including for costs undertaken outside the timeframe of the three-week retreat.
We aim for the program to create a stimulating environment for the advancement of specific projects related to the core aims of PWFC.
On campus accommodation will include office space, library access, and administrative support. Recipients are expected to be in residence at UVic for the duration of the retreat. 

Academic recipients will advance the scholarly aims of PWFC by acting as the lead (or solo) author of a working paper that examines, from a comparative or transnational perspective, the infringements of the civil and human rights of Nikkei people in allied countries in the 1940s, or closely related topics, as conveyed in the PWFC project summary and description. At the conclusion of the residency, scholars will present their work to date to an interdisciplinary audience. We also anticipate that they will publish their paper in the project’s working paper series and that successful working papers will be included the first PWFC book, to be submitted to McGill-Queens University Press by 2025.
Artists will advance work within their chosen discipline that engages the same topic area, with an aim of contributing to the exhibitions of Past Wrongs, Future Choices in Canada or abroad.

Applicants are encouraged to review the PWFC project summary and description before specifying their topic of research. Collaborative projects, with other members of the collective (or other scholars with relevant expertise) are encouraged. Project Director Jordan Stanger-Ross is available to support prospective applicants and to facilitate networking across the research team.
Applications are due December 15, 2022. Notification of receipt of the award will be provided before February 1 2023.

Academic Applicants [Artists see below]
Eligibility: Applicants can be scholars at any level of seniority, ranging from early career and emerging scholars to established leaders in the field. Collaborators or co-applicants on the PWFC are encouraged to apply, as are scholars interested in joining the project. Learn more about the PWFC project here
Applications by academics and artists should be submitted electronically to Jordan Stanger-Ross and should include:

  • A one-page (max) description of the proposed working paper
  • Names and affiliations of all proposed collaborators, as well as brief indication of their area of expertise/contribution
  • A one-page CV
  • If applicable, a research budget

Artist Applicants
Eligibility:  Open to artists (all forms) whose work can address the themes of our partnership (for more information on the partnership, see here). Applications from Canadian artists and from artists outside of Canada are welcome.

  • Description of the proposed artistic project (1 page)
  • A project budget (1 page)
  • Link to portfolio of work
  • A one-page CV
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