The Cowra Japanese War Cemetery Online Database (Completed)

The Cowra Japanese War Cemetery Database project is a bilingual database with information about the 524 graves in the Cowra Japanese War Cemetery, located in Cowra, New South Wales. Those buried in the cemetery were Japanese prisoners of war and civilian internees who died in Australia during the Pacific War.

They include 25 Taiwanese graves and one Korean grave. They were buried with the Japanese because Taiwan and the Korean Peninsula were under the rule of Japan during the Pacific War. The database includes names, birth places, occupations, military ranks and units.  In addition, reasons for internment, dates of capture, places of capture as well as movement histories, causes of death and burial histories, are included.

The Cowra Japanaese War Cemetery Database was commissioned by the Embassy of Japan in Canberra and developed over three years between April 2016 and March 2019. The work was carried out by the project team and the website became available in 2019.

The project team consisted of the following Nikkei Australia members:
Dr Keiko Tamura
Dr Yuriko Nagata
Ms Mayu Kanamori
Ms Chie Muraoka
Mr Hideaki Kobayashi

To access the database, go to 

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