Nikkei Australia Membership Guidelines


To preserve and promote the legacy of the Japanese diaspora in Australia through artistic, cultural, academic, educational and community engagement activities.

Core Values

Integrity and honesty; Ethical; Open Mindedness and Innovation; Respect; Support for the Arts; Open Communication; Sharing; Community Mindedness; Education

About Nikkei Australia

In 2013, Nikkei Australia was formed to engage in research, educational activities, artistic/cultural practices, and to exchange information about Nikkei experiences in Australia.  ‘Nikkei Australians’ are Japanese people who emigrated from Japan to Australia, their descendants, and their families.

Information about Nikkei Australia including a list of activities and projects are on the Nikkei Australia website. The success of projects and activities relies on the skills, expertise, and experienced leadership of the members.


Nikkei Australia members include academics, creative practitioners, community cultural workers, and individuals interested in documenting Nikkei histories and stories in Australia.

Nikkei Australia invites applications to become members via the website. Benefits to members include opportunities for learning about and exploring Australian Nikkei stories and collaborating on projects. Participation in projects, events, or activities is optional.

Membership in Nikkei Australia is open to all interested people who are committed to the Mission and Core Values of Nikkei Australia.

Membership is open to anyone 18 years of age or older.

Until 30 June 2024, membership is free. From 1 July 2024, we will ask all members to pay an annual fee of $20. This is to cover unavoidable operational costs such as running our website, online accounts, and social media.

Becoming a Member of Nikkei Australia

On the Nikkei Australia website, click on the following link to complete a Nikkei Australia Membership form.

Every three years, members will receive an invitation to extend their membership, alter their level of participation, or resign.

Nikkei Australia will update details and remove inactive members.

Steering Committee and Executive Officers 

A Steering Committee of at least eight members will be established at a full meeting of Nikkei Australia members. Members of the Steering Committee will meet at least twice a year, or as required. The term for general members of the Steering Committee may be ongoing.

A Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer (Executive Officers) will be elected by the Steering Committee. The Executive Officers are also members of the Steering Committee.

As of October 2022, the executive officers are: Chair – Elysha Rei; Secretary – Mari Suzuki; Treasurer – Masako Fukui

The Executive Officers will serve a three year term, and may serve an additional three year term.

Executive Officers are responsible for day to day operations of Nikkei Australia, planning and agenda setting, and representing Nikkei Australia to external bodies.

Executive Officers are signatories for Nikkei Australia’s bank account. An online approval process for any expenditures will be established, and the Treasurer will have primary signatory power.

Nomination and Election Procedures

  • Nominations for the Nikkei Australia Steering Committee may be self-nominated or nominated by a member of Nikkei Australia.
  • Nominees for the Executive Officer positions will be approved by a simple majority vote during a regularly scheduled meeting of the full Nikkei Australia membership, at which the question of approval is on the agenda sent out ahead of time. Potential Executive Officers should outline their intent for the position they are applying for, explaining their interest in the position, and their expertise in fulfilling the role.
  • Elections for the Executive Officers will be conducted in a Steering Committee meeting to be held directly after the full Nikkei Australia membership meeting.
  • A quorum for voting purposes requires the presence of the Chair and a simple majority of the Steering Committee.

Executive Officer Positions: Chair

The Chair of Nikkei Australia will:

  • call and preside at all meetings (a designated delegate will preside if the Chair is unable to attend)
  • communicate and create a sense of community with all Nikkei Australia members

Executive Officer Positions: Secretary

The Secretary of Nikkei Australia will:

  • be responsible for the minutes of all meetings
  • maintain the membership database
  • maintain administrative records and files
  • be responsible for correspondence and communication

Executive Officer Positions: Treasurer

The Treasurer of Nikkei Australia will:

  • manage the finances of the organisation
  • provide financial reports to members, including income and expenses based on the financial year
  • prepare financial reports and submissions as may be required by law, including any tax requirements
  • have primary signature power for Nikkei Australia’s bank account, with the other two Executive Officers also having signatory powers
  • liaise with special projects funding

Communication with Members

The main communication medium for Nikkei Australia members is via the website, and social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, X.

Termination of Membership

Membership may be terminated by a member at any time.

Members are required to adhere to the Core Values of Nikkei Australia. A person can be found unsuitable for membership by a unanimous decision of the full Executive of Nikkei Australia.

Membership Activities 

Nikkei Australia is a supportive membership network. There are numerous ways to become an active member of Nikkei Australia. The list below indicates the type of activities that members may undertake. In accordance with experience, knowledge,  skills, and areas of interest, members may indicate activity preferences:

  • Member enquiries (online)
  • Membership administration, planning & recruitment
  • Meeting Organiser/Secretary
  • Records keeper
IT Administration

  • Website design and maintenance

  • Website content

  • Social Media coordinator

  • X

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Interested in contributing to Nikkei Australian history
Project Team Worker
  • Arts/Culture
  • Research/Academic
  • Educational projects
  • Community engagement
  • Multimedia/Audiovisual
  • Japanese to English
  • English to Japanese
  • English
  • Japanese
Event Organisation
  • Organisation Coordination and Planning
  • Event Assistant


Members will receive via email or through the Members’ Portal information about website updates and events.


Nikkei Australia schedules online and/or face to face meetings. Members will receive relevant documents via email. Nikkei Australia convenes meetings at least once a year.

Social Media

Nikkei Australia shares and promotes members’ academic/creative activities, events through three social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, X, YouTube.

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