PWFC Meeting in Sydney

In May 2024, we held a special in-person meeting in Sydney to discuss our partnership in Past Wrongs Future Choices.

Nikkei Australia’s Mayu Kanamori to hold exhibition in Japan

Nikkei Australia member Mayu Kanamori’s exhibition Compendium for Navigating Borderlands is on 15/16th June 2024.

Hardship and happiness: A New Zealand war bride’s life – Hiroko Kadowaki, 1929-2021 (Spotlight on NZ Nikkei)

June Baldwin and her son Leon reflect on their mother and grandmother, Hiroko Kadowaki, who migrated to New Zealand in 1956 after marrying a New Zealand soldier she’d met in Hiroshima.

A Tribute to Don Kibbler (1936–2024)

A tribute to the inimitable Don Kibbler AM, who died in April 2024 in Cowra. He was a friend of Nikkei Australia.

Celebrating Queensland’s early Japanese migrants

By Shannon Whiley: On 22 March 2024, the Consulate General of Japan in Brisbane hosted a reception acknowledging and celebrating the long history of Japanese migration to Australia.


Nikkei Stories

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