The Loveday Internment Camp website was curated by Rosemary Gower and contains information about the The Loveday Internment Camp, the largest internment camp in Australia during World War II.

Situated in near Barmera in South Australia, Loveday was established in 1941, and housed more than 5,000 civilian internees of Japanese, German, and Italian heritage. More than 1,500 Australian military personnel also lived there. Prisoners of war were also reported to have been held at the camp.

Other websites about Loveday:

Loveday Lives: a project supported by The Japan Foundation, Sydney and created by a group of historians based at Flinders University, exploring the lives of some of the internees.

Loveday Project: a website created by Nikkei Australia member Christine Piper, including interviews, background, and historical information.

Photo by Hedley Cullen, AWM 123079

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