The untold story of Ewar Dicinoski (Togawa Iwakichi)

By Steve Dawson: I took this opportunity to share the untold story of my great-grandfather, Ewar Dicinoski (Togawa Iwakichi), and the origins of the unique Dicinoski clan whose many descendants permeate Queensland and other parts of Australia.

Nikkei Australia’s Dr Yuriko Nagata to present lecture about internment in Tokyo, Japan, 10 December 2022

Dr Yuriko Nagata will talk at a special event to coincide with an exhibiton about ‘War Art’ in Nagoya, Japan.

Nikkei Australia members host screening of award-winning film WHOLE

Nikkei Australia members Dr Timothy Kazuo Steains and Aoife Wilkinson will host a film screening and panel discussion on mixed-race Japanese experiences, Friday 18 November 2022.


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