We would like to thank the following individuals for contributing to our fundraising campaign (more story is available from this link).

Because of you, Weizen Ho, Alan Schacher and Shigeki Sano to perform at the Japanese Cemetery in Cowra with Bianca Reggio, Lauren Townsend and Rio Soemardjo.

As as part of Civilian Internment Symposium, commemorative ceremony civiian internees buried at the Cowra Japanese War Cemetery, and unveling of an interpretive board.

We are humbled by your good will, and wish you many happy returns.


Chaco Kato

Cheryl Speechley

Chie Muraoka

Christine Piper

Colin Menzies


Dik Mayhew

Emi Otsuji

Frederic Dart

Grant Clearly

Hiroe Swen

Hiromi Ashlin

Hugh Cann

Ian Glass

Ian Hills

Junko Hirabayashi

Kazuyo Kitada

Kikuko Ota

Linda Luke

Lisa Gervasoni

Maryanne Jaques

Michele Elliot

Midori Furze

Naomi Ota

Nigel Kellaway

Sala Sawada

Tokiko Kiyota

Tony Lewis

Tracey Callinan

Vienna Del Rosario

Yumi Umiumare

And many others who have chosen No Rewards or to be Anonymous

– Posted by Mayu Kanamori

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