Today at the start of our program we constructed the questions for our interviews later in the day. After about an hour or so we left to go to the cemetery. We interviewed Yuriko at the Cowra cemetery and it was a bit of a funny day because it was sunny than it wasn’t. So we had to alternate the position of the microphone and the camera.

We interviewed Yuriko about her previous experiences and knowledge about the Japanese Civilian Internees and the time era around World War Two. This was quite an amazing experience for all of us because we got to interview her and film her. I felt happy and sad at the same time because she looked really happy but it was sad to see how many innocent people died.

Jumaadi by the Indonesian civilian internee grave site.

Jumaadi by the Indonesian civilian internee grave site.

We also filmed a little bit of Jumaadi singing in front of the Indonesian graves and informing us about how there were brought to Australia at the start of June so in winter and how in Indonesia they don’t have winters. So when they came to Australia they literally froze to death. We all took turns at being director and being on sound and being on camera so we all got an even chance at doing everything. Jack, Dylan, Clare and Tarhlia were the teens involved in the program today. David and Bruce are our mentors for the whole program.


Civilian internee documentary team in action.

Post by Tarhlia Claydon (14)

Photos by Mayu Kanamori

– Documentary Workshop lead by David Hansen

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