Cowra Voices, an audio-visual storytelling app about Cowra’s unique history of civic peace and reconciliation, was launched on 3 August 2019 at the Cowra Civic Centre as part of the 75th Anniversary of Cowra Breakout series of events. This app, created by members of Nikkei Australia, allows users to experience places of historic significance through audio stories narrated by Cowra community members.

Traditional Wiradjuri Custodian, Albert Murray Welcoming the audience to Country at the Cowra Voices Launch. Photo by Hideaki Kobayashi

Nikkei Australia’s Jacque Schultze introduces Cowra Voices funding bodies and sponsors. With Nikkei Australia’s Cowra Voices team members, Masako Fukui, Chie Muraoka and Mayu Kanamori. Photo by Hideaki Kobayashi

Nikkei Australia’s Masako Fukui demonstrates the Cowra Voices app. Photo by Hideaki Kobayashi

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Cowra Voices is Launched! by Masako Fukui 

Cowra Voices app officially launched by Cowra Guardian (6 August 2019)

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