Listen to Snapshots, a radio feature on ABC RN’s The History Listen about Nikkei Australia member Mayu Kanamori’s Untitled.Showa project. Produced by fellow member Masako Fukui.

‘Lost or forgotten photos are often sources for a conspicuous genre of art and storytelling. Untethered from their original contexts, they seduce us with the promise of an unfolding mystery — ‘who’s in the photo; how did it end up lost?’, and these conversations inspire new stories. Two Asian Australian artists, Mayu Kanamori and William Yang use old photos to explore their histories. But does it matter that their stories might diverge from the truth?’

This program features Nikkei Australia members Mayu Kanamori, Photographer, Storyteller and Facilitating Artist on Untitled.Showa project and Nikkei Australia member Gabriel Murphy. Also Professor Melissa Miles, Art Historian, Monash University Art, Design and Architecture; William Yang, Photographer, Artist, Storyteller; Annette Shun Wah, Artistic Director of OzAsia Festival.

Producer/Presenter: Masako Fukui

Supervising Producer: Ros Bluett

Sound Engineer: Isabella Tropiano

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