Teiju to wa Nandaro is a photographic exhibition to be held at the Osaka University Museum between 22 February and 15 March 2022. Produced by the Shirushi no Ue o Tori ga Tobu program of the School of Letters /Graduate School of Letters of Osaka University.

What does it mean to leave one’s birthplace and settle in another? With this fundamental question in mind, this exhibition gathers Nikkei Australia founding member Mayu Kanamoris photographs which explores the past, present and future of the Nikkei experience in Australia.

Exhibition contributors include other Nikkei Australia members: designer Chie Muraoka and text by Dr Yuriko Nagata (University of Queensland) and Dr Keiko Tamura (Australian National University).

A short film reflecting on Japanese women in Australia, You’ve Mistaken Me For A Butterfly with music from Terumi Narushima will also be screened daily as part of this exhibition.

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