Wakayama Prefectural Government invites Nikkei Australians with connections to Wakayama to the Second Wakayama Kenjikai World Conference to be held between 5 and 8 October 2023.

This conference will be a major gathering of people who have connections to Wakayama Prefecture from all around the world. The aim of the conference is to promote a deeper exchange and networking between the local people of Wakayama and the diaspora.


Thursday 5 October

・Welcoming Party 18:00-20:00 (Shirahama town)

Friday 6 October

・Wakayama Furusato Meguri Tours

Multiple courses (such as Kihoku course, Kichu course and Kinan course) will be available.

Saturday 7 October

Wakayama Furusato Meguri Tours

Benkei Matsuri (Tanabe city)

Sunday 8 October

・Commemorative Ceremony

Venue: Wakayama Prefectural Cultural Hall (Wakayama City)

・Wakayama Experience Booths

(Traditional industries and cultures of Wakayama)

Venue: Hotel Avalorm Kino-kuni (Wakayama City)

・Reception hosted by the governor

Venue: Hotel Avalorm Kino-kun

* Participants need to find their own way to Wakayama.

For more details, please contact

Yuki Nakasuji (she / her)

International Affairs Division

Planning Department

Wakayama Prefectural Government


E-mail:  nakasuji_y0003(at)pref.wakayama.lg.jp

Address1-1 Komatsubara-dori, Wakayama-city

640-8585 Japan

If you require more information, contact us

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