Film Making Participants  Hone in Skills for the Internee Project:

Day 3 of the film making workshop was devoted to furthering the skills of camera work and interviewing. The morning locations were the POW camp site and the Cowra Japanese Gardens.

What was an extremely foggy morning was taken advantage of with our selected talent Yuriko Nagata who was an expert researcher on issues faced by internees in Australia during WW2. She walked through the fog to create a beautiful ethereal effect. For the second location we proceeded on to the near by Japanese Gardens where the gear was set up for an interview with Yuriko against the beautiful surrounds.

The afternoon shoot was scheduled with Jumaadi, a well known Indonesian puppet maker, writer and artist. Some excellent work was being achieved by participants in Jumaadi’s Shadow Puppet Theatre workshop for paper cutouts used for shadow screen projection. Use was being made of an overhead projector to create shadow effects.

Jumaadi being interviewed by documentary team

Jumaadi being interviewed by documentary team

The film maker’s task this time was to obtain interviews with Jumaadi and his workshop participants. It was great to see the creativity of imagery coming to the fore in the way Jumaadi was filmed by our crew with images projected both on his face and screen.The value of preparation by interviewers was noticeable in the standard of interviewing with with some excellent questions and responses.

Creative imagery of Jumaadi with documentary team

Creative imagery of Jumaadi with documentary team

The importance of ensuring picture cut a ways was an essential part of the recording process and shoot.

As a film maker myself, it was amazing to me how David ‘s way of facilitating the workshops quickly moved the participants into proficient movie making in both picture and sound skills.

Everyone was eager to commence Day 4 on editing the raw material from their shoots.

-Post by Bruce Ryan

– Photos by Mayu Kanamori

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