Nikkei Australia in partnership with Cowra Council has just completed the Cowra Voices Audio Archive.

The Archive includes the interviews conducted in the making of Cowra Voices, a geolocative storytelling app about the unique history of Cowra’s postwar civic peace and reconciliation efforts with the people of Japan.

The Audio Archive includes 18 audio interviews recorded with members of the Cowra community, as well as all 20 stories included in the Cowra Voices app. All interviews have been transcribed.

Additionally, the five stories in the app about people buried at the Cowra Japanese War Cemetery have been translated into Japanese. These stories were written by historians.

The Archive is here.

The Cowra Voices app stories are here.

Photo: Mayu Kanamori; Design: Chie Muraoka

This Project was funded by the 2022 Create NSW Cultural Grants Program administered by the Royal Australian Historical Society.

The Cowra Voices Audio Archive Project team:

Lawrance Ryan (Cowra Council)

Chie Muraoka (Nikkei Australia)

Shoko Ono (Nikkei Australia)

Junko Howe

Masako Fukui (Nikkei Australia)

Mayu Kanamori (Nikkei Australia/Consultant)

Other Stories about Cowra Voices:

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